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Deutsche Bank can provide a number of financial solutions to help you make achieving environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets part of your “business as usual” routines. These range from loans where the terms are aligned with sustainability metrics to supply chain finance that incentivises responsible procurement activity

In summary these are:

  • Sustainability-linked loans: These target achievement of sustainability targets at a certain point of time in the future and compliance with these targets is linked to the interest rate charged
  • Green loans: Loans with an ESG-eligible defined use of proceeds in the underlying legal documentation; and promotional lending activities where the lending purpose is main for projects which improve energy efficiency
  • Green trade finance flow facilities: These include accounts receivables, confirmed payables, guarantees, stand-by letters of credit (LCs), export LCs or trade-based lending and have an ESG-eligible defined use of proceeds in the underlying legal documentation
  • Sustainability-linked commodity trade finance. For example, financing energy producers with a loan purpose of reducing emissions
  • Sustainable export finance where, working with the export credit agency, the facilities are invested in projects supporting diverse Sustainable Development Goals (eg better healthcare, education etc).
  • Sustainability-linked supplier finance. This is where there is pricing differentiation for suppliers in accordance with their ESG performance, typically aligned to the buyer’s procurement processes and strategy

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